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Print Page and Print View – which one to use..?

There are two ways to print your maps – Print Page or Print View.



Print Page

Print Page will print the area within the Page Outline. The area that is printed is dependant on where you move your Page Outline on the map, the scale that you set and paper size that you choose.

To learn more about setting scale and paper sizes on your Page Outline click here.

To learn how to find where your Page Outline is on a map click here.

To learn more about moving and resizing your Page Outline click here.


Print View

Print View prints everything that is shown within the map window. Think of it as taking a screenshot – it is a quick and easy way to produce a print of an area of the map without needing to set scale or paper size.

NOTE: Print View takes into account the Page Outline orientation. e.g. if your Page orientation is set to portrait then the area that you see on screen will print in portrait – but you will have blank, white areas above and below your printed area.

If your Page orientation is portrait then for best results it is highly recommended that you temporarily set your Page orientation to Landscape before using Print View.

Updated on 12/06/2017

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