PTMapper has two print options – Print View and Print Page.

Print View

This option is the best way of printing something quickly. This will print everything that is on screen in the map window (the blue box in the screenshot below). All you need to do is zoom to the area of the map that you wish to print and select FILE>PRINT VIEW.  Think of this as like taking a screenshot of the map.

NOTE: Prints will be in Portrait if your Page Settings are set to Portrait and in Landscape if they are set to Landscape. You can change this setting in FILE>PAGE SETUP.

Print Page

This option will only print everything that is inside the Page Margins (the dotted line inside the red box in the screenshot below) and the area printed will be set to a specific map scale (e.g. 1:2500).  Page scale can be changed in FILE>PAGE SETUP.

If you need to produce a map with a defined scale then you must print using FILE>PRINT PAGE.  This also applies if you wish to include a Title Box, Map Legend or Tree Legend on your printed map.



The two printing options mentioned above also apply when creating PDF’s of your maps.

Updated on 26/07/2017

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