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Access Violation error messages

Occasionally you may receive an Access Violation error message while working on a map. In the vast majority of situations this can be corrected by running PTMapper Pro’s two cleanup tools.

Start by closing the map and then closing PTMapper Pro. Restart and open the map which gave you the error message.

Now run PTMapper Pro’s two cleanup tools:

Cleanup tools

  1. Click on Tools>Map Expert then click on All Tests. When it finishes, click on OK and then Return.
  2. Click on Tools>Map Cleaner then click on Close when it completes.
  3. Save your map.

Most of the time Access Violation messages like these are caused when you create a new map by extracting a smaller map area from a larger map (by using the Copy Page function).

When using the Copy Page function it is always advisable to run the two cleanup tools before saving your new extracted map.

Importing DXF’s will sometimes produce the same error messages, so after you finish importing a DXF it is highly recommended that you run the two cleanup tools, before saving your map.






Updated on 01/09/2016

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