Auto-numbering your trees

You can set your tree ID’s to auto-number, but to do this you must first amend the survey template before you use it on your handheld or tablet. You will need Survey Designer installed to do this – if you don’t have this on your PC then contact Pear Technology for a free download.

Start Survey Designer and open a survey template….the screenshot below shows the BS5837 survey template. In this example we want to auto-number Tree ID’s, beginning with T100 for the first tree.

  1. Click on the item that you want to auto-number (this example shows Tree ID)
  2. Tick the 2 boxes in the Auto Set section
  3. In the Start box type your first number
  4. If you need to precede the numbers with a letter then type it in the Prefix box
  5. Save the template
  6. If you want to retain the original survey template (the example below is the BS5837 Survey V111) then change the name in the Survey Title box to something else and then save the survey file as the same name (using FILE SAVE AS).

This preserves the original BS5837 V111 survey template and gives you a copy of it which includes auto-numbering.


Updated on 30/01/2018

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