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Changing how lines and shapes look

Lines and shapes (polygons) can be altered to change the colour and style of lines and the fill colour and style for polygons.



The map below has two black lined areas on the “Parking” layer, but they do not show up well when printing.


To make these areas more obvious we will need to change the colours for the “Parking” layer:

  1. Left click on the “Parking” layer (the layer name highlights in blue).
  2. Then right click and select Properties.
  3. The Properties box for the “Parking” layer opens.


The layer Properties box (shown below) has options to change the line thickness, colour and also line style. The default Line style is always a solid line, but you can select from various dashed and dotted line styles.

The Fill colour can also be selected and changed. The default Fill colour is always a solid colour, but there are also a number of hatched fill styles available. Alternatively, you can set a transparency level if required.


In this example we will change the line to make it dashed, slightly thicker and red. The fill colour will also be changed to blue hatching.


Click OK to finish and close the Properties box.


The two parking areas now show the change in colours. Also notice that the small colour box next to the “Parking” layer has also changed to represent the colour changes.






Updated on 03/02/2017

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