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Drawing lines and shapes on the map

PTMapper has 3 drawing tools – draw line, draw polygon (shape) and draw box.


To draw a line, select the Draw Line button then click once on the map – this starts the line. As you move your mouse the line will increase in length. Each time you click on the map it will place a point (node) and you can then continue moving the mouse pointer and clicking to place further points. When you want to finish, double click to place the last point.


Drawing a shape (polygon) is done in the same way as drawing a line. The final point is placed by double clicking, just like drawing a line.


Drawing a box is slightly different to drawing a shape. Your first click places the first corner of your box, then your second click draws the first side of your box up to to the second corner. After your second click, move your mouse pointer and you will see that this extends the shape of your box. The third and final click completes the box.


The following video shows an example of all three drawing tools – first a blue fence is drawn using the Draw Line tool, then a pink play area is drawn using the Draw Polygon tool and lastly a brown carpark is drawn using the Draw Box tool.

Notice that after each item is drawn the Deselect button is used to complete each action.



Updated on 28/02/2017

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