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Increasing or decreasing the size of your map

PTMapper has a tool called Transform, which lets you increase or decrease the overall size of your map. This can be useful if you have imported a DXF only to find that the scale is incorrect. e.g. it is half the size that it should be.

It can also be used to increase the size of a small map, to insert it into a larger map as an inset area.

To resize a map manually:

1) Unlock all layers

2) Select all the map data by dragging a box around all of the map (zoom out slightly to be sure that you are seeing all of the map).


4) Click on the ADVANCED button

5) To increase or decrease the size of the map type in the Scale X and Scale Y boxes and then click OK

e.g. to increase a map to double the size – type 2 in both Scale X and Scale Y boxes.
To decrease a map to half size – type in 0.5 in both boxes.

NOTE: Transform can also be used on any selected map objects. So if you just need to increase the size of a building on your map, select only the building and then follow the steps above.


In the screenshot below the selected map will be increased to twice the original size.



Updated on 21/09/2017

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