Map layer order

All maps in PTMapper comprise of layers of map data. The names and colours of map layers can vary significantly, depending on the format of the map data used.

Ordnance Survey map data comes with a standard set of recognisable names and colours, but other types of map data may differ. Map data sourced from other software such as architects drawings (e.g AutoCAD files) may have layer names and colours which are completely different.

The screenshot below shows an example of a map which is made up of some of the map data layers supplied with Ordnance Survey’s Mastermap (Topography Layer) data:


Layer order

The layer list for all maps in PTMapper has a specific order, with layers at the bottom of the list having precedence over layers higher up the list.

This is why you will usually find text layers near the bottom. Normally, you would want any text on the map to show over the top of polygons e.g. fields, water, roads, etc.

Other types of map data are best placed at the top of the list. Raster map data (e.g. scanned maps, Ordnance Survey 10k or 25k map tiles, etc) is a good example of this type of data.

Raster map data is typically used as a backdrop to other layers of map data which are added over the top.

NOTE: The layer order is not fixed and can be changed by clicking on a layer and dragging it up or down the list.


Updated on 10/09/2017

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