Moving objects on your map

You can move single objects or groups of objects on your map.

To be able to move more than one object at a time, you first need to unlock the map layers for all of the objects that you plan to move. You then hold down either of the Control keys on your keyboard (this allows you to select as many objects as you like) and click on each one in turn.

If you accidently select an object then keep the Control key held down and click on it again – this will “drop” it and you can then continue to click more objects.

NOTE: you must keep the Control key held down while you are selecting objects.


In the example shown in the video below, we will first move a Pavilion and then the “Pavilion” text separately.

We will then move 2 carparks and the “Car parking” text in a single move. Finally we will move a running track and the “Running Track” text in one move.


Updated on 28/03/2017

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