Printing thick lines

The problem

Thick lines on the map are not thick on printouts.

Example:  You have highlighted an area on the map with a thick line:

Thick line

But printing does not give the same result…the line thickness is much thinner than how it appears in PTMapper:

Thin line

This is usually caused by printer software setting the default line thickness to 1 or 2 pixels, because it doesn’t understanding the pixel setting figure that you set for your line thickness in PTMapper.

The solution

Change the Layer Properties for your line thickness from Pixels to Metres:

To do this –

  1. In your map layers list, left click on the name of the map layer which your line belongs to (this will then highlight it in dark blue)
  2. Then right click and a short menu will appear
  3. Select “Properties” and the Properties window for that layer will appear
  4. Click on “Metres” and type in a figure
  5. Click “OK”

Line adjustment

The figure you type for your line thickness will depend on how large an area is being printed.

A small area may only need narrow lines (e.g. 0.25m or 0.5m thick), a much larger area may need much thicker lines (e.g  3m or 5m). Try different thickness figures to see what works best.


Once you have printed your map, remember to change your line thickness back to Pixels.


Updated on 01/09/2016

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