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Supplying your map data to others

If you have Ordnance Survey map data for your town or parish then you can freely supply this map data to others who are working on your behalf.

An example of this might be a tree surveyor that you have contracted to inspect the trees in the town or parish.

There are two caveats:

  1. You must be a member of the the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) in England and Wales, or the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA) in Scotland. All public sector organisations are eligible to sign up to the PSMA/OSMA. By joining you have free access to a range of Ordnance Survey digital map data.
  2. You and the third party who you plan to supply map data to must sign an Ordnance Survey Sub-Contractor Agreement. This gives the third party authority to use your O.S. map data on your behalf for the purposes of providing a service to you using that map data. (e.g. tree surveying).  You can download a copy of the Agreement from the O.S website here, or contact Pear Technology and we can email you a copy.


If you are in England or Wales then click here to follow a link to the PSMA section on the Ordnance Survey website.

If you are in Scotland then click here to view the OSMA section on the Ordnance Survey website.


If your sub-contractor is also a Pear Technology customer then you should supply them with the standard map files (.mpd) to use in PTMapper. If they have other software then the map data would need to be exported from PTMapper as either Shapefile or DXF file format. If you are not sure then contact us for advice.

If you don’t have the time, or are unable, to supply the map data to your sub-contractor then we can (with your consent) supply the map data to them on your behalf.

NOTE: We can only do this if the relevant Sub-Contractor Agreements have been signed and we would make a charge for this service.


If you are not PSMA/OSMA members then you can contact us for advice on the signing up process. If you are members, but have not downloaded any map data and/or have no mapping software, then we can assist you with downloading the required map data from O.S., signing the Sub-Contractors Agreement and supplying the relevant maps to your sub-contractor.

NOTE: We would make a charge for the work involved.


Updated on 12/10/2017

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